Emergency Bushfire & Recovery Appeal


Australian bushfires are becoming more frequent and more severe, and FAME's Bushfire & Recovery Appeal was arranged to direct emergency funding to on-ground projects as situations unfolded.

Thanks to the generous support of the FAME community, we were able to respond rapidly to emerging disasters, through aerial surveys of burnt areas on Kangaroo Island, protection of Brush-Tailed Rock-Wallabies in NSW, long-term revegetation of burnt habitat, and more.

To ensure we are able to respond to similar emergencies and aid the survival of Australian wildlife when disasters arise, please visit our ongoing Disaster Recovery Fund page here.

The Project

As the 2020-2021 bushfire season began to escalate, we were ready to support organisations and communities in their response, and we continue to work with our existing partners as the recovery from last season moves forward.


In the wake of the horrific 2019-20 Australian bushfires, FAME launched our Emergency Bushfire & Recovery Appeal that aimed to achieve a number of important outcomes, and continues to operate within that framework.

The devastation witnessed across much of Australia became more stark over subsequent months and, with the fire season now upon us again in 2021, the job ahead is both urgent and long-term. We are committed to being proactive in making funding available to those who need it.

FAME’s role in bushfire response is a multi-faceted one; immediate rescue and recovery programs are required for species at risk, but their long-term survival is dependent on sustainable habitat revegetation and responsible management.

We are working closely with our on-ground project partners to ensure the most affected programs are supported, including the funding of equipment replacement, additional staff and other logistical necessities to enable their important work to continue.

We are also helping to rebuild sanctuaries, track and monitor impacted populations and revegetate areas of habitat destroyed by the flames.

With your help, we will continue to financially support both current and recent projects to ensure we provide what is needed for the long-term survival of our precious native wildlife.

Please join us in safeguarding Australia’s flora and fauna in the face of this unprecedented disaster.


  • Assist Aussie Ark with the recovery of Brush-tailed Rock Wallabies. For more information visit the project page here

  • Continued financial support of Kangaroo Island Land for Wildlife to allow them to focus on the on-ground work required. For more information visit the project page here.

  • Support of a helicopter to view the fire scar and locate remnant patches of Kangaroo Island dunnart known habitat. For more information visit the project page here.

  • Deployment of a drone to identify feral predators and possible dunnarts. For more information visit the project page here.

  • Financially assisted with replacement of endangered native bees and hives.

  • Long term revegetation of affected areas.

We continue this work through the support of FAME members like you.

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