It's hard to believe something so cute can be so destructive.

Save our native species from feral cat predation today.


Philanthropic support of projects which advances FAME’s endangered species work presented and chosen by the FAME Board.

$12,010 raised
$25,000 goal

FAME’s future is a very challenging one; as the circumstances of our native wildlife deteriorate, more and more of our precious native species become endangered or have become extinct.

We need your help.

In your lifetime 50% of the worlds species could become extinct. It’s up to you.

FAME is committed to funding on-ground conservation projects to save Australia’s most rare and endangered native species. We have come to believe that, with your help, as our work progresses, whenever we restore a small piece of nature, we also restore ourselves as caretakers of the planet. Our work supporting projects to save Australia’s flora and fauna never ends – many species are under pressure and some face extinction.

FAME’s commitment to confront this reality has no boundaries but our resources are always limited.

This fund provides philanthropic support for small projects, scholarships and allowance of urgent projects presented and chosen by the FAME Board.