What We Do

FAME is dedicated to helping Australia's most endangered species

Australia harbours one of the world’s most biodiverse landscapes – yet it has one of the worst rates of native extinctions globally. Your support helps us partner with teams on the ground to protect endangered species, undertake habitat restoration, feral management and much more.

We have conservation projects across Australia

FAME currently supports around one dozen critical wildlife programs across the country, with many more to come, and many successfully completed.

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We collaborate and use funds wisely
to ensure projects succeed

FAME works with like-minded organisations, governments, wildlife authorities and private landowners, and carefully chooses projects to financially support based on their urgency, strategies and roadmaps. We’ve had 30 years of success stories, and to date have funded innovative conservation initiatives and technologies, revegetated land, helped curb feral and invasive populations, and reintroduced keystone species like the Tasmanian Devil and Western Quoll back into their natural habitats.

Why is this so important?

Australia is at the top of the class when it comes to biodiversity - the range of different lifeforms that make up our native ecosystems. From microscopic plants through to apex predators, every species is a critical building block for the overall health of the environment.

When one block is removed, the rest can crumble, so focussing on endangered species can have far wider net gains than just that target animal, plant or even region.

Over the past 200 years, land clearing, invasive species and other human impacts have had a devastating toll on our wildlife. But together, we’re returning species and habitats to health.

How does FAME support projects?

The Foundation’s projects are carefully chosen so that your generous donations are put to work in the most effective way possible. We do not gamble with the financial support of our members, Trusts, Foundations, corporate and grant funders, because we know that if we choose wisely we can buy the time that endangered Australian flora and fauna need to survive.

FAME believes that a partnership approach to saving endangered species is the best way to save wildlife, and this has borne fruit across three decades of tangible conservation outcomes.

Our Vision

Our vision is to prevent any further extinction of Australian flora and fauna.

Our Mission

FAME supports the protection and rewilding of Australian species most at risk of extinction, and the habitats they depend on. FAME seeks to fund on-ground conservation outcomes with a focus on seed funding and innovation.

Core Values

  • Commit to conservation and environmental issues.

  • Embrace open transparency at all times.

  • Display strong, clear corporate governance.

  • Maintain inclusiveness with all stakeholders and donors.

  • Respect the ongoing connection of Traditional Custodians to Country.

So, how can you help?

Our work supporting projects around Australia that focus on protecting our most endangered native species, and restoring the habitat they depend on, is a proven method which continues to achieve important wins for our wildlife. You can support this vital work by donating to one of our many projects on the Donation page here, and sharing this information with your network.

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