Bettongia gaimardi — Eastern Bettong

CLASSIFICATION: Near threatened

For a small marsupial, the Eastern Bettong has developed quite exquisite tastes - would you believe that truffles have become a necessity in its diet! The Eastern Bettong is nocturnal, sleeping during the day in a domed nest. It will only stay in a nest site for up to two nights, before it moves on to find a new site. The Eastern Bettong is now only found in pockets in south-eastern Australia and Tasmania, largely under threat due to predation by foxes.

The Eastern Bettong is part of FAME's 2019 Top Ten Endangered Species action plan.

To view more about FAME's plan to save the Eastern Bettong, please click here

Photo credit: JJ Harrison ( [CC BY-SA 3.0 (], from Wikimedia Commons

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