Southern Brown Bandicoot
(Euploea alcathoe enastri)

Least concern

A bit of a loner that doesn't drink. This sums up the Southern Brown Bandicoot, found mostly in the southern parts of Australia.

They are a foraging marsupial by nature, and are found in forests and scrub locations with plenty of ground cover. They have adapted to not needing to drink much - able to sustain themselves with the water that comes from their diet and tend to prefer a life of solidarity, avoiding other fellow Southern Brown Bandicoots where possible.

FAME is proud to support Aussie Ark, in a project based in Barrington Tops that aims to establish insurance populations of native species.

The Southern Brown Bandicoot is part of FAME's 2019 Top Ten Endangered Species action plan. To view more about FAME's plan to save the Southern Brown Bandicoot, please Click here

Photo: By John O'Neill (jjron)

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