SPECIES: Litoria Lorica – Armoured Mistfrog

CLASSIFICATION: Critically endangered (EPBC and IUCN)

Today is Threatened Species Day and no better time to highlight a very special and on-the-brink of extinction amphibian, the Armoured Mistfrog. 

The Armoured Mistfrog is a pint-sized species of rainforest tree frog, males measuring around 33mm and females 37mm. They are nocturnal. They have prominent eyes. They have long fingers. And they are quite the master of camouflage, blending into their rocky habitat with earthy, dark, mottled colouring to match right in. As recently as 2008, there was a distinct possibility that the species was extinct, until a confirmed sighting of the frog. They are now known from one population in Far North Queensland, restricted to just 4km of stream habitat. Threats include habitat degradation, disease and the dwindling genetic diversity, the smaller the remaining population becomes.

And so, we mark Threatened Species Day today in announcing our latest project partnering with the Queensland Government and James Cook University working to build a sustainable population of the Armoured Mistfrog. 

To find out more or to donate, visit the project page on our website:

Photo: Eric Vanderduys

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