We’re incredibly excited to announce that, on the back of your incredible support, our urgent project to save the Kangaroo Island dunnart from extinction is successfully completed. The good news doesn’t end there, though.

Your support not only funded the initial project, but has propelled us into a new phase of protecting this species.

Our long-term partnership with KI Land for Wildlife has been working to survey and protect the critically endangered Kangaroo Island dunnart for a number of years, beginning with a search for existing populations and continuing with revegetation, invasive species management and habitat surveys after last year’s horrific bushfires.

Now, with your help, we begin the next chapter: Critical monitoring of the last survivors.

Our work to this point has improved knowledge of surviving populations, and helped to urgently revegetate burnt areas. This new work will focus on expanding our ecological understanding of existing habitat, such as how many KI dunnarts are surviving in western Kangaroo Island, and building a genetic database to inform future conservation efforts.

Once again, we are working with the inspiring team at KI Land for Wildlife, and will be aided by the newly formed North West Conservation Alliance (NWCA). Working with 20 private landowners, across thousands of hectares of important bushland, the new project will be pivotal in ensuring the future of this iconic species.

Header image: Jody Gates

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