Following trapping and monitoring of Western Quolls and Brushtailed Possums in the Ikara-Flinders Ranges in December, there is positive news out of our project to rewild the arid north of South Australia.

In partnership with the South Australian Government, FAME reintroduced Idnya (quolls) and Virlda (possums) into Ikara-Flinders Ranges, and the populations continue to boom. The most recent results for what is proving to be one of the most successful predator reintroductions worldwide can be seen below.


  • 105 quolls caught, 63 of which were new to the study
  • Increase of 15% from the same time last year
  • Just more than half were young, recently weaned quolls
  • Of the 47 adults trapped, two-thirds were female
  • There were also 23 possums trapped, 12 of which were new
  • Of the nine female possums, six were carrying young.

These results, in particular the female quoll numbers, give the team confidence that it will be safe to remove 25 Idnya from Ikara-Flinders Ranges in order to be translocated further north to Vulkathunha-Gammon Ranges.


As part of the new phase of this project, both Red-Tailed Phascogales and Idnya will be reintroduced to Vulkathunha-Gammon Ranges.

The first of these releases - 25 Western Quolls - was meant to proceed in mid-December. Unfortunately, extreme temperatures made it necessary to delay the effort in order to ensure the safety of the animals, and give them the best chance of survival.

Despite this, the project is on track in terms of translocation planning, research and permit applications. The initial release of quolls and phascogales should now be able to go ahead in March this year.

None of this is possible without the continuing support of the FAME community.

Read more about the project on the project page here.

Image courtesy of Michael J Barritt.

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