The most recent phase of our partnership with the Numbat Task Force in Western Australia’s Dryandra Woodland National Park aimed to collar and monitor 14 numbats.

The state of Numbats

Last year you helped us successfully fund this important work, enabling further research into the most effective ways to protect this endangered species.

As of December 2021, 14 numbats were collared in the reserve and these individuals form an important part of the ongoing collection of data.

Two individuals have been lost to predation, but initial signs suggest it is the result of a native predator – the Chuditch/Western Quoll – rather than invasive species, which is somewhat of a silver-lining.

The number of numbats within the reserve continues to grow following the effective control of cats and foxes, with latest modelling estimating there are more than 500 individuals present.

This is a fantastic recovery for one of the two remaining endemic populations of this unique marsupial.

Learn more at the project page here.

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