River enclosures keep turtles safe from catfish predators.

It was just a few short months ago that we proudly shared with you the project milestone of releasing the last of the Mary River Turtle hatchlings for the season back into the Mary River in Queensland. This was the result of careful project planning by our project partners at Tiaro Landcare Group.

The Mary River Turtle project has involved monitoring Mary River Turtle nest sites and protecting the hatchlings until six months of age, giving them a greater chance of survival once released back into the Mary River.

To further safeguard the hatchlings, turtle river enclosures are helping to provide protection from lurking predators. Captured on an underwater camera this week, this video shows a Mary River Turtle clearly inside the enclosure and outside the enclosure lurks a Fork-tailed Catfish (and known predator to young Mary River Turtles).

It’s enough to give you shivers watching the catfish waiting in the shadows.

For more information on the Mary River Turtle project or to make a donation, visit the project page of the website.

Photo: Sarah Ash

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