The problem: There are only 4,500 Southern Cassowaries left in Australia. They are listed as endangered (EPBC Act, 1999), and loss of habitat is the historical problem.

The solution: FAME has partnered with ReForest Now, planting trees in the Daintree Rainforest to repair land that was cleared in the past. This is a simple and direct solution to save the Southern Cassowary.

For every $10 we raise, we can replant one rainforest tree.

Each $10 will cover the cost of the seedling, the site preparation, planting and aftercare for three years. This ensures a greater survival rate of trees planted.

The final step in the project is to plant the remaining 3,300 trees in the Daintree Lowlands Rainforest in Far North Queensland. So far, we have raised $27,950 towards our project target of $30,000.

Now all that’s needed is $2,050 to fund 205 trees.

The Southern Cassowary is a keystone species of our wet tropical rainforest. They are dependent on the fruits of rainforest trees and many rainforest trees are also dependent on the Cassowary for the dispersal of their seeds.

The number one threat to the survival of the Southern Cassowary is the loss of habitat. Planting rainforest trees will provide food and habitat for the Cassowary and ensure their survival.

To make a donation or for more information, visit the project page of the website.

Photo credit: Paul Ijsendoorn (Flickr)

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