Spiny Daisy


The Project


In partnership with the South Australian Department of Environment and Heritage (DEH), FAME provided support for the recovery of the endangered Spiny Daisy (Acanthocladium dockeri). This is one of the world’s rarest plants, with only five populations known to exist. The Spiny Daisy was presumed extinct until 1999, when a small remnant population was discovered in the Southern Flinders Ranges of SA. FAME supported work to increase the area occupied by existing plants, and establish the plant at several new locations.

In 2014, 360 Spiny Daisy cuttings taken from the Flinders Ranges site were planted at Banrock Station, in a few short years the number of plants at Banrock has exploded to over 1500. Plants are now being sent to new locations throughout the Riverland. It is hoped one day the Spiny Daisy will be reintroduced from the Mid-north of South Australia to the Medindie Lakes in New South Wales.

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