Securing the future of the Tall Astelia

Astelia australiana


"This species was formerly more widespread, but its populations declined due to successive wildfires.

Other factors are also attributed to the species decline including herbivory from Sambar deer, and infection with Phytophthora species."

The Project

Astelia australiana (Tall Astelia) is a perennial herb that has a fragmented and restricted distribution in the Central Highlands of Victoria where it is known from 13 sites. It is also located in one site in the Otway Ranges, approximately 270 km away.

This project will provide knowledge of the metapopulation dynamics from genetic analysis of Astelia australiana to guide the conservation management of this species.

It will also establish a viable metapopulation network for the species in the Otway Ranges to prevent local extinction of the species there.

This is a 12-month seed funding project in partnership with the Conservation Ecology Centre, whereby the learnings will assist to develop a framework for the conservation of the A. australianain the Otways and across its range.


  • Creation of a baseline and inventory of population

  • Identification of genetic dynamos

  • Establishment of a nursery to ensure an insurance population

  • Creation of new populations.

This project will also work alongside land owners, providing advice on effective strategies to protect he species.

A long-term framework will be developed to ensure the establishment of the Tall Astelia back into the Australian landscape.


  • 25 AUGUST 2019; Otway rainforest's tall astelias have power to thrive if given a little light, scientists show. Read more: News article


To read the outcome report of the project visit Tall Astelia final outcome report

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