Creating awareness of our precious endangered species.


  • “It is just indecent if humanity, through our actions or through our neglect, should cast into oblivion an intricately perfect piece of evolutionary engineering millions of years in the making, I think that somehow we have to do better than that”

Stephen Fry

The Project

There are many ways to assist the survival of endangered species. You can donate, encourage others to donate, spread the word or volunteer, among other things. At FAME, we’re constantly surprised at how the passion to support what we do spurs innovative and interesting ways to promote the plight of our endangered flora and fauna. Enter Sarah Ash.

Sarah, a Principal from gh_creative will undertake a year-long project in which she will visit various Australian zoos and photograph and video up to 20 endangered species of flora and fauna.

As Sarah puts it: “our photographs and videos will capture the beauty and fragility of these species and we will make public access to them easily available. Our aim is to promote greater awareness among the general public of these species’ fight for continued existence and, by so doing, to enhance the prospect of stopping any additional extinctions.”

Each visual pictorial will have detailed information about the status quo of the species to assist educate the public.

FAME are delighted to support an innovative way to extend the reach of our key messages. In particular, the availability on social media of high quality edited videos and imagery will be very valuable in expanding and informing Australians of our work, but most importantly assist in stopping the overgrowing rate of extinction.

Sarah’s intention is to also apply use of her work onto other platforms – for example, for use in schools, in tourism promotion and within government departments.

The more public awareness we can create; the greater chance we have in stopping the extinction of any further Australian flora and fauna. If we can help it, no native animal species or flora that we support, will become extinct. That is our non-negotiable commitment.

The list of species include

01. Alpine She-oak Skink

02. Baw Baw Frog

03. Brush-tailed Rock Wallaby

04. Carnaby's Cockatoo

05. Central Rock Rat

06. Dibbler

07. Eastern Barred Bandicoot

08. Eastern Quoll

09. Grassland Earless Dragon

10. Greater Bilby

11. Guthega Skink

12. Helmeted Honeyeater

13. Leadbeater's Possum

14. Lord Howe Island Stick Insect

15. Mala

16. Mary River Turtle

17. Mountain Pygmy Possum

18. New Holland Mouse

19. Northern Bettong

20. Northern Corroboree Frog

21. Northern Quoll

22. Numbat

23. Orange-bellied Frog

24. Orange-bellied Parrot

25. Plains mouse

26. Regent Honeyeater

27. Slater's Skink

28. Smoky Mouse

29. Southern Bentwing Bat

30. Southern Cassowary

31. Southern Corroboree Frog

32. Spotted-tailed Quoll

33. Spotted Tree Frog

34. Stick-nest Rats

35. Stuttering Frog

36. Tasmanian Devil

37. Western Ground Parrot

38. Western Swamp-tortoise

39. White-bellied Frog

40. Woma Python


  • 17 MAY 2018; The latest news from Project wild_. Read more: Project update.

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