SPECIES: Epthianura crocea — Yellow chat

CLASSIFICATION: Critically endangered

The critically endangered Yellow chat is known for its remarkable adaptations that help it to survive in the driest of places. It has a special brush-like tip on its tongue, enabling it to feed on nectar in times when water is scarce or there is a drought. They also have long legs and toes, specifically for foraging for food over low vegetation. To top it all off, their yellow colouring reduces the heat that is absorbed by their small bodies, just perfect for surviving a hot Australian summer.

Thought to be only a maximum of 240 these beauties left on the planet, and under threat mainly due to loss of habitat and wildfire, recovery efforts to help save the last of this species are now to a point of life or extinction.

Photo credit: By Ron Knight from Seaford, East Sussex, United Kingdom - Yelllow Chat (Epthianura crocea), CC BY 2.0,

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