Today is World Frog Day.

Australia is home to some 230 species of frogs, sadly 37 of these are currently listed as critically endangered, endangered or vulnerable on the government’s EPBC list.

Frogs are precious – and an important part of our ecosystem. Their presence is often an indicator of a thriving environment. Frogs are so sensitive to their surroundings, that if their habitat were to become degraded or polluted, they are among the first to feel the impact.

Not just for today but everyday be mindful of chemicals used in and around your homes and gardens as they make their way into waterways that are harmful for frog and tadpole populations. Create and restore frog habitat in your own backyard by planting native plants.

Our project to save the Southern Bell Frog is showing success. We have 35 frogs in our Southern Bell Frog conservation facility in Clayton Bay. They will be maintained over the coming months, and we will look to begin our breeding program later in the year.

For more project info or to donate, visit

Photo: Peter Mirtschin

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