It's been a busy time for the project team in Tasmania working to Save the Red Handfish from extinction. We are pleased to be able to report the below progress on the project. 

Captive breeding: Red Handfish have been paired for breeding with success and clutches of eggs laid. The viability of these eggs should be known in the coming weeks.

Handfish school:The classrooms have been setup, which consist of a series of aquariums with added enrichment. As a world-first in conservation, it is incredibly exciting to wait and watch as the first class of Red Handfish pupils will be enrolled in Handfish School. The aim is to teach the captive-bred fish about sourcing food, navigating complex environments and give them ‘street smarts’ needed for the best chance to survive in the wild when they are eventually released into ocean habitat.

Habitat management:Signage at most popular boat ramps near Red Handfish sites has been developed to provide information on the Red Handfish and educate the community as to how they can help to safeguard and protect the remaining populations by minimising disturbance and improving awareness.

For more information on the Red Handfish project or to make a donation, head to the project page of the website

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