SPECIES: Hippocampus whitei — White's Seahorse


White's Seahorse is yellow-brown in colour with pale flecks and grows to only 13cm or so. It's the male of the species that broods the eggs in his 'pouch' and gives birth to live young. The species is endemic to shallow, coastal waters from Sydney and up to southern Queensland, found along some of the most highly populated estuaries in Australia, including Port Jackson and Sydney Harbour. Their preferred habitat include seagrass, sponges, soft coral and even under jetties and around shark nets, places their camouflage works more effectively to help avoid predators.

The biggest threat facing White's Seahorse is habitat loss - and sadly, as the species is found along the more popular pockets of coastline, their habitats tend to be impacted by coastal development, pollution and boat anchoring.

Photo: Richard Ling

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