SPECIES: Litoria olongburensis — Wallum Sedge Frog


To the Butchulla people of Fraser Island, the Wallum Sedge Frog is their totem species. The guess is anywhere between 10,000-50,000 frogs left. This little frog - and when we say little - is only 3.5cm in length, is found along the coast of northern NSW and up to south-east Qld.

Their colouring varies from brown to dark green and their habitat is subtropical/tropical swamps, wallum swamps, freshwater lakes and marshes. Wallum is the aboriginal name for the banksia, Banksia aemula found along the coastline where this little frog is found. They're also referred to as a species of 'acid frog', because their habitat is often acidic marshes.

The list of threats includes loss of habitat, invasive plants and disease - most notably chytrid fungus.

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