1 September. As well as being the first day of spring, it’s also National Wattle Day today.

Wattle is symbolic as Australia’s floral emblem. It’s also a symbol of unity, new growth and fresh beginnings.

Wattle or the genus Acaciais one of the largest groups of flowering shrubs and trees found across Australia. Wattles can be found somewhere in Australia in flower in every month of the year. Wattles are tough. They are adapted to and can withstand Australian droughts, winds and bushfires. Certainly the resilience of wattle echoes with us as Australians, particularly through what we have experienced this far in 2020. Devastating droughts, catastrophic bushfires and a terrifying, debilitating global pandemic.

This year has been a rollercoaster to say the least. 1 September marks coming out from a long, cold and very quiet winter with COVID looming as a grey cloud over us these past six months. The very thought of spring as it arrives with the promise of some warmer weather – or sunshine to say the least – longer days, and continued growth in the aftermath of a devastating bushfire season gives us all something to smile about and to look forward to.

If you can today, or maybe you will be able to soon, keep an eye out for gorgeous wattle blossoms in your district. With any luck, we can have a much brighter end to the year.

We wish you a Happy Wattle Day.

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