SPECIES: Phyllodes imperialis smithersi — Pink Underwing Moth


The Pink Underwing Moth is found in south-east Qld and the north coast of NSW. It has brown upper forewings and the most brilliant pink markings on its upper hindwings which distinguishes it from other species. Caterpillars feed exclusively on a particular rainforest plant - the Carronia Vine. In 2019 FAME partnered with ReForest Now to plant 200 Carronia vines to restore the subtropical rainforest in one of the only known locations for this endangered moth.

FAME is proud to announce a new partnership with ReForest Now for an Enrichment Program focusing on increasing flora species diversity in existing large-scale tree plantings and regenerations sites, to improve the ecological structure and function. More than 50 endangered and vulnerable native fauna species - including the Pink Underwing Moth - will benefit and be able to flourish through this program. To make a donation or find out more, visit the project page of the website

Photo: Mark Graham

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