SPECIES: Nangura spinosa — Nangur Spiny Skink

CLASSIFICATION: Critically endangered

This week, we profile one of our newest project species, the Nangur Spiny Skink. Only known from two populations in southeast Queensland, both are sadly in decline. It’s now a race against time to protect the very few individuals remaining, listed as critically endangered both nationally on the EPBC and worldwide on the IUCN. The Nangur Spiny Skink is under threat from predation by feral cats and foxes, habitat destruction, cane toads and bushfires – to name a few.

At FAME, we’re passionate about saving our native smaller, lesser-known species that without intervention, would otherwise be left to face extinction. Each and every one of our native Australian species contribute to the rich biodiversity on the continent. To lose just one of these species to extinction disrupts the balance of the ecosystem.

With your support, we are helping to build the populations of the Nangur Spiny Skink through captive breeding and the establishment of a new population. To find out more about this important project and to make a donation visit

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