SPECIES: Pterostylis despectans — Lowly Greenhood


The Lowly Greenhood is a species of orchid that remains dormant underground until ready to produce its quite inconspicuous flower. This delicate orchid is known from a very small number of populations in Victoria, SA and NSW. It can be found growing on higher slopes, in rocky outcrops, or in flat woodland and open forest habitats. It’s not hard to see why this is and endangered species and in decline. Like other orchid species, the Lowly Greenhood is dependent on a particular fungus to ensure successful germination. Added to the threat of low pollination rates are habitat disturbance and destruction, grazing and fire – to name a few.

At FAME, we’re passionate about saving our native, smaller, lesser-known species that, without intervention, would otherwise be left to face extinction. Each and every one of our native Australian species contributes to the rich biodiversity on the continent. To lose just one of these species to extinction disrupts the balance of the ecosystem.

Working with landholders, volunteer and regional partners, the project aims to undertake collaborative searches, workshops and translocations, leading to new and increased population numbers whilst maintaining genetic diversity. To find out more about this important project and to make a donation visit

Photo: Jerry Smith

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