SPECIES: Potorous gilbertii — Gilbert's Potoroo
CLASSIFICATION: Critically endangered

This week we rewind back to the year 2005 when FAME supported the establishment of a protected area for Australia’s most endangered mammal, Gilbert’s Potoroo. 

Gilbert’s Potoroo is a small nocturnal marsupial, the only wild population left is in south-western Western Australia. Long thought to be extinct, the species was only rediscovered in 1994. Potoroos have long back feet and front feet with three-toed claws, used for digging for food. They are extremely furry – helpful for insulation – and buried under its thick fur are ears (barely noticeable) and eyes that appear to bulge out of its face. Quite the ecological engineer, potoroos are responsible for spore dispersal and germination. Today, the wild population estimate sits at around 100 individuals. 

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Photo: Michael Wakefield

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