Tasmanian Devil - Project Update - October 2020

In unprecedented news, the Tasmanian Devil has made a return to the wild of the Australian mainland!

Many of you will recall that FAME were, with your support, founding members of Devil Ark and have been supporting them since.

Devil Ark is a captive breeding program to ensure that a sustainable, genetically diverse insurance population of Tasmanian devils exists, as the species battles ongoing threats including the deadly facial tumour disease (DFTD) in its current range of Tasmania.

FAME's ongoing commitment to this project has played a major role in enabling its success.

Now, on the back of years of work, the devil makes its return to the Australian mainland after being absent for some 3,000 years! As of this week, 26 Tasmanian devils have been introduced to the Barrington Tops region managed by our project partners, Aussie Ark.

Whilst this area is still in a secured, predator-free 'enclosure', it covers 400 hectares of natural habitat where native species live as in the wild.

This is an incredibly exciting moment in the long journey towards rewilding Australia's landscapes, and our congratulations goes not only to those involved on the ground, but to you - the amazing community behind FAME's work.

Click here to visit the 'Devil Comeback' website, or here to take a look at the work FAME has done for the Devil Ark project.

You can help us with the next phase of this important program by heading to this project page and donating.

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