SPECIES: Antechinus minimus maritimus — Swamp Antechinus (mainland)


Not to be confused with the Swamp Rat or the Bush Rat – but very easily can be – the Swamp Antechinus is a vulnerable species found across swampy habitat that is becoming increasingly fragmented, in south-east SA and southern Victoria. The Swamp Antechinus is a small, mostly nocturnal, as it forages for insects.

It's fair to say they are here for a good time, not a long time. The Swamp Antechinus lives life as do other species of Antechinus – males die after a frenzy mating season and the female after weaning her litter. It’s not common to find one that will live longer than two years.

In addition to habitat fragmentation due to coastal development, other threats to this little guy include predation and inappropriate fire regimes.

Photo: Michael Sale

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