SPECIES: Eucalyptus strzeleckii — Strzelecki Gum


Australia is home to more than 700 native species of Eucalyptus. The Strzelecki Gum is one of those, and unfortunately it also finds itself making the vulnerable group of threatened species. The Strzelecki Gum is considered a medium-sized Eucalyptus growing to about 30m tall. It is characterised by egg-shaped or curved, dark-green, glossy leaves. It produces white flowers and is found in many habitats; including ridges, along the banks of streams, in the foothills and on the flat plains.

The Strzelecki Gum belongs to the Swamp Gum collective and this particular species is endemic to the Strzelecki Ranges in Victoria. For the remaining 50 or so known populations, they have become severely fragmented, with most occurring in small, isolated areas, including private property and roadside locations. Threats currently facing the Strzelecki Gum are habitat loss due to land clearing for agriculture, invasive weeds and grazing.

What's now becoming essential is collecting key information relating to the remaining populations of the Strzelecki Gum, including its distribution, threats and growth rate, to aid its continued survival.

Photo: Eleanor Fox

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