SPECIES: Glyphis glyphis — Speartooth Shark

CLASSIFICATION: Critically endangered

The Speartooth Shark is a rare and critically endangered species of river shark, calling home large tropical rivers in northern Australia. Be wary though, it has been found in near-shore marine waters!

This species of shark has a short, broad snout, tiny eyes and you’ll really know you are dealing with a Speartooth Shark by the black blotches underneath each pectoral fin near the tip. Although not known to pose a threat to humans, on shark-scale size, this one will typically grow to around 2.5m in length. That still sends a shiver up our spine!

To its detriment, the Speartooth is restricted due to its stringent habitat requirements and so the remaining population of these sharks is now considered small. It’s also under threat because of being incidentally caught by commercial fishing operations and habitat degradation.

Photo: Bill Harrison

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