SPECIES: Litoria raniformis — Southern Bell Frog


How many of our native threatened species' stories start in this way: a species that was once widespread across most parts of Australia. The Southern Bell Frog is another species that was once in abundance. It is now confined to southern SA & NSW and parts of Vic & Tas. Interestingly, a female that is under threat will hiss! Can you imagine! The Southern Bell Frog is also known to hunt and eat other frogs and strangely, part of their call is said to resemble the sound of a duck or goose being strangled!

The Southern Bell Frog is a species that FAME is currently focussing on to save from the brink of extinction. FAME is partnering on a project to establish a conservation facility to enable captive breeding and ongoing release back into the wild, with the aim of boosting population numbers of this native species. To make a donation to the project or for more info, visit the project page of the website.

Photo credit: Peter Canty

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