SPECIES: Prostanthera marifolia — Seaforth Mintbush

CLASSIFICATION: Critically endangered

It’s astounding just how many native flora species make it onto the critically endangered list. Here’s another one that makes the cut. The Seaforth Mintbush, found now in just one population in the Seaforth area in Sydney is a small, hairy-branched shrub with delicate purple flowers and only grows to about 30cm high.

Presumed extinct, this Mintbush was rediscovered just20 years ago.

Given that the remaining population is just so very small, so too is the genetic diversity. Threats impacting the habitat of the Seaforth Mintbush include fire, rubbish dumping, stormwater, herbicide and trampling.

And, in case you are wondering, as per the name – Mintbush – the leaves are said to be slightly fragrant when rubbed together.

Photo: Northern Beaches Council

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