SPECIES: Phascogale calura — Red-tailed Phascogale, Red-tailed Wambenger, Kenngoor


A Phascogale is a small, carnivorous marsupial. Small...AND carnivorous? Well yes, known to eat (but not limited to) insects, spiders, small birds and even small mammals, they are more than a bit partial to a good house mouse! The Red-tailed Phascogale comes with a couple of stand-out characteristics: 1. its tail - like the head of a wire brush - is longer than its body and 2. males will usually due from - uhh - overexertion from his first mating season, barely making it to 12 months.

In Australia, we have three species of Phascogale. The remaining Red-tailed Phascogale wild populations are found within the wheat belt region of south-western WA, found in the tall, dense vegetation. Previously, these little guys were found in most arid and semi-arid regions of Australia. Agriculture expansion has most certainly contributed to their decline in their loss of habitat.

Recently FAME was proud to announce it will again be working with the SA Department of Environment and Water, to support the expansion of the Idnya (Western Quoll) population into the Vulkathunha-Gammon Ranges National Park. It will also feature the reintroduction of the locally-extinct Red-Tailed Phascogale (or Kenngoor). For more on the project or to make a donation, visit our website.

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