SPECIES: Neophema chrysogaster — Orange-bellied Parrot

CLASSIFICATION: Critically endangered

It's touch and go for the Orange-bellied Parrot. One of our most endangered birds - listed as critically endangered not only in Australia, but also on the worldwide IUCN Red List, the guess is there are around 110 of these migratory birds left on the planet. What's interesting about this ground-dwelling parrot is that they essentially have two homes; a breeding home and non-breeding home. In the summer, they live in the south-west of Tasmania and outside of the breeding season, will fly back to the south-east part of mainland Australia.

Will it be too late to save the species from extinction - particularly as genetic diversity becomes an issue as the population left declines. For the moment, much is being done for the Orange-bellied Parrot, including a number of captive breeding programs and nesting boxes for birds in the wild are provided for the birds to help their chances of breeding success. The species is fighting against the loss and degradation of habitat, competition for hollows, introduced predators and disease, to name a few. It's a big fight for a little bird.

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