SPECIES: Rhodomyrtus psidioides — Native Guava

CLASSIFICATION: Critically endangered

It's a bit of a quandary as to how the Native Guava finds itself on the critically endangered list and on the verge of extinction. It's fast-growing (tick), a hardy species (tick) and flowers freely at an early age (tick), all characteristics which shouldn't make it vulnerable.

The Native Guava is a small rainforest tree - and when we say small, it can be up to 12m high - native to eastern Australia and occurs at coastal and sub-coastal locations just north of Sydney all the way up to the Gold Coast. It plays an important successional role in rainforest regeneration.

It has white or pink flowers. An edible 'berry' fruit that's yellow and fleshy on the inside. And leaves that smell like pineapple when crushed. Yum! Native Guava is under threat from loss of habitat (land clearing for rural, ag and urban development), fire, damage from vehicles and road maintenance to name a few.

Photo: Zaareo

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