SPECIES: Dasymalla axillaris — Native Foxglove

CLASSIFICATION: Critically endangered

Have you met Native Foxglove? Endemic to WA and now down to about 120 plants across 8 populations left in the wild, Native Foxglove is listed as critically endangered on the EPBC list. It's flowers are reddy/pinky/purply in colour and egg-shaped. Being native and hardy, it likes to grow in sandy soil locations.

Land clearing, infrastructure maintenance (road widening/grading) & invasive weeds have lead to habitat loss for Native Foxglove. What is now needed, is to raise awareness of the severity facing Native Foxglove within local communities and engage land managers by providing support and encouraging conservation actions to help save the species. Can you help?

Photo credit: Leif Stridvall via Anita Stridvall - Leif & Anita Stridvall, Welcome to our Botanical Site - Our plant galleries, Flowers: Australian flowers, Chloanthaceae, Album Pityrodia [1], CC BY-SA 3.0,

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