National Tree Day is Australia's largest community tree-planting initiative.

The message from founding organisation Planet Ark is simple:
help us to plant one million new native trees and shrubs across Australia.

Thanks to the generous support of our donors, FAME is currently providing support to two projects having a positive impact on some of our native tree species.

1. Securing a future for the Bulburin Nut - Australia's most endangered species of macadamia is under constant threat of extinction. Through nursery propagation, an insurance population of Bulburin Nut trees is being grown and will be planted back into bushland. The last wild populations of the species are growing within a National Park near Gladstone, Queensland, and the threat of wildfire is dangerously real. Last summer, devastating bushfires burned very close to the trees, and it was unknown at the time if the population would survive. Thankfully, the trees survived.

2. Replanting important Cassowary habitat - a second stage of planting trees vital to the survival of the endangered Southern Cassowary is currently underway in the Daintree Lowlands Rainforest region. A successful stage one of the project saw a total of 3,600 trees planted, made up of 196 species. Planning for and planting these trees is important in increasing feeding habitat for the Southern Cassowary and to encourage the birds to return to safer habitat away from the main road into the Daintree.

For more information visit the project page of our website.

To find out about tree planting events happening in your community, visit the National Tree Day website.

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