The Rabbit-Bandicoot. The Long-nosed Rat. 'Pinkie'. Bilby. Whichever name, the Bilby is indeed an iconic Australian marsupial, infamous for its threatened status and most recently, has become somewhat of an icon at Easter time.

In Australia, we now have only one species of Bilby, the Greater Bilby and it is listed as vulnerable on the EPBC List (1999). Sadly, the Lesser Bilby has been extinct since the 1950s. Distinctive features of the Greater Bilby are its long, pointy nose, very long ears and it has grey or white fur.

Only 100 years ago, the Bilby was commonly found across the drier parts of Australia. It's a remarkable burrower and has adapted to the harsh conditions it now lives in, being able to go without drinking water. Feral predators, competition for food and habitat and farming have all contributed to its decline. The Bilby is now mostly confined to isolated areas of WA, NT and Qld.

Good for the Bilby - Charleville, a small town (population 3335) in the south-west of Queensland has taken ownership of the species. Demonstrating that we can make a difference, a team of determined individuals manage the 'Save the Bilby' project through community activities and creating public awareness.

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By working together we can ensure that our children, and their children in turn, are able to see Bilby’s in their natural habitat, roaming Australia instead of printed on the foil of a chocolate Easter treat.

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