It’s National Bilby Day. The Greater Bilby is a lovely creature that belongs to a group of ground-dwelling marsupials known as Bandicoots and, like so many in Australia, it is endangered. 

Heading off extinction of any natural species is our main function and, as such, we’re pleased to make special mention of the Bilby today. There are major efforts to ensure Bilbies do not go extinct and, currently, there are some 3300 doing well in established safe havens. However, the Lesser Bilby has been extinct since the 1950s.

As with so much Australian wildlife, introduced predators – mainly cats and foxes – do all the damage. 

FAME knows this only too well and the control of predators – any predator – is always near the of top of the list in all of the projects and programs we support.

At present, FAME has eight projects underway – check our website for this important work and, if you can today consider making a donation. Thank you.

Photo: Sarah Ash

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