Mary River Turtle - Project Update - May 2021

Of the Foundation’s many important conservation projects, one of the most endearing is providing a headstart for Mary River turtle hatchlings and watching them grow. This unique species is only found in Queensland’s Mary River, and is renowned for its punk-like ‘hair’ of algae.

You can be the difference between this turtle’s past, and a brighter future.

FAME’s partnership with the experienced team at Tiaro & District Landcare Inc has already seen success with the first clutch released last year - a big step forward for this species.

But before they are released into their natural habitat, the team needs to be sure the turtles can survive.

Mary River turtles face numerous threats, particularly from predators like the invasive red fox and wild dogs. Helping them get through their vulnerable early stages means they have a far higher chance of going on to breed and bolster the population.

The new hatchlings are weighed every two months, and after a promising summer of putting on weight, they now enter a critical winter period. We need your help to successfully release them to the Mary River with radio tags attached that will help inform the future of the project.

Please visit the donation page for this project to ensure these young turtles can help boost the species’ wild population.

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