As you may be aware, a heatwave is occurring in Central and Northern Queensland, which in some locations is breaking all-time temperature records and has resulted in bushfire fires inland from Gladstone. For the many members and donors who’ve been inquiring about the threat from the catastrophic bushfire near Gladstone in central Queensland of the few remaining Bulburin Nut Trees in that area we have been advised by the Macadamia Conservation Trust as follows:

“…there are fires to the east and west of them, (we) think they will not spread to the NW flanks of Bulburin National Park. It is much too close for comfort however, and this is exactly the kind of catastrophic event that could wipe them out.”

It is somewhat reassuring but “too close for comfort” reinforces the importance of FAME’s support for a project to preserve the Bulburin Nut Tree. Extinction in this case may just be an ember away.

As a reminder, FAME’s work – in with the Macadamia Conservation Trust - facilitates and supports the propagation of cuttings to create an insurance population of seedlings and trees. This is the fallback – hopefully never needed – in case the remaining wild population of trees is wiped out either by bushfire or something else.

Better than anything, the current bushfire underscores the constant threat to a native species in real danger and, as always, underlines how important FAME’s work is in the preservation of Australian native flora and fauna.

We simply must not let the Bulburin Nut Tree disappear from the Australian landscape. If you can, please help us now. A donation to this vital project will go straight towards accelerating the work currently underway.

We will keep you updated with any further developments.

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