SPECIES: Christinus guentheri — Lord Howe Island Southern Gecko


In comparison to other gecko species, the Lord Howe Island Southern Gecko would be classified as a heavily built gecko. That’s putting it nicely! The species is endemic to offshore islands from Lord Howe Island and also on Norfolk Island.

It’s a gecko very much at home in a wide range of forests, loving a rock, boulder or crevice it can find protection under or in. The Lord Howe Island Southern Gecko exhibits quite an unusual behaviour, by forming a tight coil and placing its large toes from one foot over their head and eyes. This helps them camouflage nicely when on rocks or in leaf litter of the forest floor.

FAME has committed to guard the paradise of Lord Howe Island and the species endemic to the Island, of which the Lord Howe Island Southern Gecko is but one. Our project, in conjuction with the Lord Howe Island Board and the NSW Government will help increase the number and breeding success of a range of woodhens and seabirds endemic to Lord Howe Island. For more info or to make a donation, visit the project page of our website.

Photo: Jack Shick

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