Today is International Volunteers Day.

Did you know that 3.6 million Australians – or roughly 20% of the population – volunteer in some capacity within their communities? Worldwide, hundreds of millions of people volunteer each year.

This year, the focus is ‘volunteer for an inclusive future’. By engaging as a volunteer, you are helping to improve the lives of others, and the act of volunteering creates a sense of belonging and purpose within a community. Volunteering often provides opportunities for those excluded to make meaningful contributions to their communities.

Projects that are funded by the Foundation all involve an element of volunteerism – whether it be the hard-working tree planting team in the Daintree Rainforest, the dedicated trapping team working on Kangaroo Island to locate one of Australia’s most endangered mammals, or the committed Board of Directors governing FAME who participate completely on a volunteer basis.

Today, we recognise all volunteers’ contributions and we thank you for giving your time and your skills.

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