FAME is pleased to announce another new project commitment for the coming financial year, partnering with the Conservation Ecology Centre in southern Victoria to undertake important survey and propagation research to ensure the survival of a rare and endangered native species of lily.

The Tall Astelia, Astelia australiana is a rare species of lily known only from a few locations in the Central Highlands and one site in the Otway Ranges. The species is slow growing, with plants taking at least 10 years to reach reproductive maturity. Flowering plants are an uncommon occurrence. Major threats to the species include wildfire, weed invasion, altered hydrology leading to drying of sites and disturbance/destruction of plants and habitat. The EPBC Act (1999) lists the Tall Astelia as vulnerable.

This 12-month project will provide knowledge of the metapopulation dynamics from genetic analysis of Astelia australiana to guide the conservation management of this species. It will also establish a viable metapopulation network for the species in the Otway Ranges to prevent local extinction of the species there. This project will also work alongside land owners, providing advice on effective strategies to protect the species.

A long-term framework will be developed to ensure the establishment of the Tall Astelia back into the Australian landscape.

For further project information, please contact the Foundation on 08 8374 1744 or email

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