It is with much egg-citement that we report two lots of wonderful news.

We have confirmation from our breeding program partners at Mt Rothwell that two female Bush Stone-curlews have already laid some eggs!

Pictured above are two of the eggs, laid last week by one of the female birds in the breeding program.

In total, there are four eggs and the viability of these eggs will be known within 28 days. This is such a positive start for our newest project to save the Bush Stone-curlew from extinction in Victoria, where it is listed as an endangered species.

It is still early days, but this could potentially be an additional four extra chicks that will join the breeding program in a month’s time.

We are all very egg-cited. Ahem!!

PS. Please consider making a tax-deductible donation today. For more information on the Bush Stone-curlew project or any of FAME's other projects, please visit the website.

Photo: courtesy of Mt Rothwell.

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