SPECIES: Dasyurus viverrinus — Eastern Quoll


It may be small, but be sure never to underestimate an Eastern Quoll. One of four quoll species found in Australia, the Eastern Quoll was once found across most of the south-east. Sadly, they are now found in the wild only in Tasmania. By nature, it's a predatory, carnivourous mammal - with bright eyes and sharp teeth, and is mainly active at night. They have a relatively short lifespan that's anywhere from 2-5 years and their offspring are called pups. Oh how cute!

Since European settlement, quoll populations across Australia have been decimated largely due to introduced predators - foxes and cats. At this point, it's certainly imperative to help not only the Eastern Quoll, but quolls in general to restore their place within the ecosystem.

FAME's latest project, Hear the cry of the Bush Stone-curlew will also help the Eastern Quoll, as a collateral beneficiary species. To make a donation to the project or for more info, visit the project page of the website:

Photo: Sarah Ash

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