SPECIES: Caladenia attenuata — Duramana Fingers

CLASSIFICATION: Critically endangered

This one is short and sweet. Discovered and formally recorded only in the 60's, there's only ever been two popuations of the Duramana Fingers confirmed. Endemic to NSW, just north of Bathurst, and belonging to the orchid family, the orchid itself grows out from an unusually tall spike, with just one hairy leaf and white flowers.

Listed as critically endangered, little else is known about this orchid, as there have simply been no others found. Not even a photo. Pictured is Pink Fingers, a similar size and with similar characteristics to Duramana Fingers. What is known, like many native species, is that the biggest threats facing its survivial are grazing (cattle, rabbits) and competition from invasive weeds.

Photo: Pink Fingers (Caladenia carnea), By KeresH - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,

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