SPECIES: Marginaster littoralis — Derwent River Seastar

CLASSIFICATION: Critically endangered

Every species needs someone to back them. When they are unable to thrive and survive, give that helping hand to help balance their fate, whether it be to boost population numbers, mitigate threats or provide a habitat that favours the species. Endemic to the Derwent River in Tasmania and known from only a couple of locations, the Derwent River Seastar is listed on the government's EPBC list as critically endangered. But now, who knows?

When researching this little - and by little, the species in only 17mm in size - recent survey data has simply been unsuccessful. Some believe the Derwent River Seastar has already succumbed to extinction. Let's hope not.

Photo credit: By Steve Bourne - Email from the photographer, CC BY-SA 4.0,

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