Creating awareness of the plight of endangered species.

There are many ways to assist the survival of endangered species. You can donate, encourage others to donate, spread the word or volunteer, among other things. At FAME, we’re constantly surprised at how the passion to support what we do spurs innovative and interesting ways to promote the cause. Enter Sarah Ash.

Sarah, a principal from GH_Creative on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, is now armed with a small grant from FAME to undertake a year-long project in which she will visit various Australian zoos and photograph and video up to 20 endangered species of flora and fauna.

As Sarah puts it: “our photographs and videos will capture the beauty and fragility of these species and we will make public access to them easily available. Our aim is to promote greater awareness among the general public of these species’ fight for continued existence and, by so doing, to enhance the prospect of stopping any additional extinctions.”

FAME CEO, Tracy McNamara said the Board was delighted to support an innovative way to extend the reach of the organisation’s messages. In particular, the availability on social media of high quality edited videos will be very valuable in expanding our work.

We also appreciated Sarah’s intention to apply use of her work onto other platforms – for example, for use in schools, in tourism promotion and within government departments.

“We are greatly looking forward to Sarah’s work due to begin formally in July,” Tracy added.

For further information, please contact FAME's CEO, Tracy McNamara on 0411446924.


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