Congratulations George and Freckle!

It's twins!

Yesterday, we received the news we'd been waiting for. Just as nervous as a family member awaiting news of an impending birth, we had cautiously been counting down the days, keeping fingers, toes - everything crossed that George and Freckle's egg laying would be successful the second time around.

Early yesterday morning, our project partners at Mt Rothwell discovered that the doting pair, George and Freckle had become parents!

Here is the first glimpse of the two cute chicks, with proud parent carefully watching over. It's an understatement to say that we are absolutely thrilled with the positive news from the breeding program!

We hope this wonderful news makes your day.

To make a donation or for more information on the Bush Stone-curlew breeding program, visit the project page of the website.

Photo: courtesy of Mt Rothwell.

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