Cane Toad tadpole trap and lures that have been developed in partnership with Watergum are now available for public purchase.

Our project in partnership with Watergum Community Inc in Queensland has hit an important milestone, with the newly developed trap and lures now complete.

In the near future these traps will be for sale in a number of stores across Australia, but the public can purchase the trap now on the Watergum website at this link: Cane Toad Trap.

The Problem

Cane Toads are an invasive species that have had a devastating impact on Australian ecosystems, particularly hitting our predators which mistake them for easy prey.

Able to breed twice a year, with clutches of more than 20,000 tadpoles, the toad is spreading rapidly across Australia.

The Solution

This new trap enables the public to stop the spread at the first stage.

The trap is placed in waterways with a lure inside which attracts Cane Toad tadpoles, and can catch tens of thousands in one use before being ethically emptied and reused.

You can learn about how we have reached this stage on the dedicated project page here, and help us complete the funding goal as we continue to work with the team in Queensland.

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