Firstly, thank you to those that have donated to our Bushfire Fund. Your generosity has been overwhelming and we assured you we would keep you all informed of how the money was deployed.

Although the Bushfire Fund is for long-term strategies helping all our projects (current and recently completed), we are acting immediately with our project on Kangaroo Island (KI).

Our first and foremost action is to locate precious Dunnarts habitat. We are currently monitoring all remnant vegetation patches for the presence of KI Dunnarts with cameras. This is a necessary step so that they do not starve; and the race now is to locate them before the feral predators do.

Tomorrow, we as a community through our Bushfire Appeal will support the project by funding the hire of a helicopter on KI for our project partners, KI Land for Wildlife, to undertake important helicopter surveying. This is to locate and assess potential unburnt remnant vegetation in the extensive fire scar where the Dunnarts could be taking refuge in rock crevices or in sections of bushland scrub which may not have had fire exposure in the hope of finding more individuals.

We will communicate the outcomes to you as soon as they come to hand.

In the meantime, we are discussing a long-term strategy for the survival of the Dunnarts.

Once again thank you for all your ongoing support as a community, as we provide vital support to those most in need.

Tracy McNamara
Chief Executive Officer

Photo credit: Jody Gates.

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