SPECIES: Burhinus grallarius — Bush Stone-curlew


This week for #ThreatenedThursday, we revisit the Bush Stone-curlew, a species near and dear to our hearts at FAME.

They say you are more likely to hear a Bush Stone-curlew than you are to see one. At night, their call can resemble a scream or even whail. A ground-dwelling bird by nature, the Bush Stone-curlew holds a state listing of endangered in Victoria and NSW and are quite rare in the southern parts of Australia - not even found in WA or Tasmania. It's gangly-legged with motley grey and brown feathers, a perfect disguise ensuring it can be kept safe enough away from any predators lurking nearby.

FAME is partnering to save the Bush Stone-curlew from extinction by funding a captive breeding program in Victoria, with the aim of rewilding. The captive breeding program, behind predator-proof fencing at Mt Rothwell in Victoria saw twins born to parents George and Freckle in December 2019. Recent genetic testing has revealled the chicks are boys! FAME has been given the honour of naming the chicks. If you have a great suggestion for a name, visit to enter. For more project info:

Photo: courtesy Mt Rothwell.

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